Spicy buns with sausage

Coated roll Braids 70g

Rolls with avocado filling 70g

Buns with poppy seeds

Buns with sausage 80g

Buns with coconut 70g

Buns with bacon

Buns with nuts 70g

Buns with cottage cheese filling 70g

Buns with cheese filling

Bagels with poppy seeds 55g

Layered rolls with coconut filling

Layered baskets Flower

Layered cakes

Layered rolls with caramel filling

Layered rolls with minced pork

Layered rolls with cheese filling

Layered rolls with cheese – spinach filling

Cheese snack

White bread with caraway seeds 800g

Bread Motules 800g

Garlic grain bread

Black bread Kruoja with sunflower seeds 900g

Black and white bread 800g

Homemade bread 260g

Long loaf Pakruojis 300g

Bread Sveikoliu 500g

Bran bread 300g

Fried bread with garlic

Long loaf Students’ 300g

Butter flavour long loaf 300g

Light shaped bread

Toast bread