Nr. 1 Medaus skonio tortas

Cake with taste of honey
Honey flavoured biscuits sandwiched
with cream and fluffy jelly pieces,
decorated with biscuit crumbs and chocolate glaze.

Cake Caramel
Two white and one caramel biscuits
sandwiched with fluffy caramel cream,
covered with icing, decorated with
handmade chocolate decorations,
rice and chocolate sprinkles.

Nr. 3 Tortas Karamelinis
Nr. 4 Tortas Vyšnelė

Cake Cherry
Three white biscuits sandwiched
with fluffy cream and frozen cherries,
covered with icing and decorated
with handmade sugar flowers with chocolate leaves.

Cake Crispy
Cooked sugar, redcurrant filling,
toffee filling and corn crisps
stick with margarine mass.
Handmade decorated.

Nr. 5 Tortas Traškutis
Nr. 6 Vyniotinis Kriaušinis

Roll Pear
White fluffy biscuit
with cream and pear filling,
decorated with icing.

Roll Kursenu
White biscuit with cottage cheese cream,
sprinkled with icing sugar.

Nr. 7 Vyniotinis Kuršėnų
Nr. 8 Vyniotinis su juodųjų serbentų įdaru

Roll with blackcurrant filling
White biscuit with fluffy cream
and blackcurrant jam,
decorated with chocolate glaze.