Chopped biscuits:
Short crust pastry. Natural.

Biscuits Cukrinukai:
Shortbread, sprinkled with sugar. Natural.

Biscuits Rustic with sunflower seeds:
formed through a meat grinder. Natural.

Biscuits Leaves:
Shortbread leaf form, covered with chocolate icing, sprinkled with coconut chips. Natural.

Biscuits Sweet Couple:
Shortbread, stick together with apple jam, covered with chocolate glaze, decorated with colourful sprinkles. Natural.

Biscuits Flowers with poppy seeds:
Shortbread of flower form, sprinkled with poppy seeds, chocolate droplets. Natural.

Biscuits Healthy:
Shortbread stripes lubricated with apple jam and sprinkled with sunflower seeds. Natural.

Wafers Ru-Du-Du:
Apple jam and caramel filling lubricating wafer sheets; decorated with chocolate icing.

Biscuits Marshmallow:
Shortbread cookies with marshmallow cream, cocoa, covered with chocolate glaze.

Biscuits Steamed:
Pastry stuffed with soft cream and caramel filling, decorated with chocolate.

Steamed Cookies:
Steamed Pastry.

Basket of Dainties:
Various decorated biscuits assorted in a baked dough basket.

Lithuanian Riestes 50g:
Shortbread, donut-shaped. Sprinkled with sugar. Natural.

Roksai 50g:
Shortbread with raisins. Sprinkled with icing sugar. Natural.